Bug Fixes – camera and audio.

For Steam –

Sorry this update has been a little while coming, but there are plenty of good bug fixes.

Firstly, camera issues have been fixed, or at least when you roll over green save points, the camera will be ‘set’ to the correct view point (it’s a smooth fix, I promise).

Jump is now more responsive.
Audio for buttons/collisions has a better sound, and priority.
A bug with switches not correcting has also been fixed.

Audio got a little overhaul, as when upgrading engine, audio took a little hammering, so now it’s in the very best quality it could be, hence game size increase.

Updates will be a little more regular from here on; and if any issues are found please post a topic here; I’ve finally figured out how to subscribe to Forgotten Ball’s discussions.

Also, Ball 11… it does exist.

Thanks for the feedback everyone, and please consider leaving a review!