..after Kickstarter

Forgotten Ball is coming along very well. I’m now adding the final environment to the game so that the game can look nice from start to finish. Some of this I admit is being built on the fly, so it might not be super final.

I have a choice of gameplay mechanics which I’ve designed but sadly I don’t have all the space for them to do them justice. In testing performance took a nasty hit on some some elements so I had to make compromises, this has been a harsh lesson learnt here when targeting multiple devices. I am really conscious of this and once the final areas are complete I will be revisiting every area of gameplay so that I believe Forgotten Ball is fulfilling a standard that I am setting for it.

Horrible video, but this shows an old area getting some new love:

I really should have perhaps kept a before shot.

Giving away a pre-alpha demo was a good idea. I get feedback, I get bugs reported to me, I get confirmation that the game is enjoyable. It has pretty much caused me to rewrite a lot of code and fix some shitty bugs I didn’t know were there.

In keeping with changes, I have made a lot of changes to Forgotten Ball and honestly these are best shown in a large image. I will compose one this forthcoming week. There have been 3 additional areas added, and there is a genuine reason to this. I need to limit amount of content on screen at certain times, in these dense areas of lots of geometry it makes sense to add some lesser demanding (on GPU) content to separate out the more demanding areas.

I don’t want to enforce on myself any kind of content lock as frankly I plan on adding as much awesome to the game as possible right up till delivery date. I need to also start to really think about a release plan, and promotional things. I am a very busy one man team and writing blogs/doing videos isn’t something I have much time for, in fact I have none. I can really appreciate that they actually might help me in the long run too.

So I will also try and make one blog post a week.

ScreenshotSaturday 9


A pretty special image for me, as what is captured represents around 2 weeks work, and it is well beyond the mid-point of the game world. Currently not all is present, some AI are missing and enemies not all there. I am missing sound effects dearly now too, however the positives:

  • Still 60fps
  • Less than 30 draw calls
  • 30,000 vertexs
  • 13 animations
  • 4 update loops
  • 400kb of texture data.

Yeah, I am happy. I never share these kinda images, but I like them. Oh and the game body is orange in this section; I like orange.

ScreenshotSaturday 8

This does not show lots, but it shows darkness. It’s the lighting that has been a key issue for a little while, I am working on it.

Forgotten ball

No ScreenshotSaturday for a little while ( I think) too busy in code.

#ScreenshotSaturday 7(ish) plus new lighting.

screenshotsaturday7Top image, is Emily encounter. This is the first playable character in the game that isn’t Ball. I released this screenshot as part of screenshotsaturday on Twitter, but I did some work on this game Saturday so this image is already out of date.

sss7new lights
Firstly, I have changed the lighting, the game is too dark in places and this is clear when demoing the game to people or taking screenshots, I may tweak the brightness down a little, but this is close to final. It also looks clean.

screenshotsaturday7EmilyAs well as changing the main light, I took away this light in the playable character sections of the game. Emily section is meant to be an event of the past (as are all) ; I am hoping this single targeted light shows that the player is in a different time. These memory events, are varied between 20 seconds, to a few minutes in length.

#ScreenshotSaturday 005

Forgotten Ball Screenshot saturday 5

This is a late screenshot of the suspected final look of Forgotten Ball on platforms that are not mobile. There is also some dynamic things happening in this screenshot; the camera is rotating, the enemies are moving and some of the world is falling apart.

On a side note; I just handed in my final assignment for the year.

#ScreenshotSaturday 004

Forgotten Ball dev 004This one is following on from last week, I have increased the lighting and moved the distance between the ball and camera ever so slightly. This will need testing: is the ball to small? As the distance between the ball and camera has increased, more of the game world is on show, will this cause rendering spikes or affect performance?

The Pink is corner volumes; for the corner functionality.