The projects after Forgotten Ball

Forgotten Ball – I spent far too long on, but I wanted to. Truthfully, after Forgotten Balls release (mobile Sept, Steam March 2016) I was somewhat burnt out. There were seemingly endless bug fixes (something I really enjoyed), but that was all. After the immediate launch, I was trying to settle on new game ideas; one I wanted to make/play.

This wasn’t straight forward. I was a little tired.

I settled on two ideas, a FMV game made from videos I’d take and a free mobile spinning game. The first games scope was a little too out there, the second was more of a tech demo. My other ideas – three of them – were to be put on part-part-part time development.

Each of these projects has a prototype built. And that’s where the lay.

Starting in September 2016, I started on fishies as my primary project. It’s almost finished technically, just needs a lot of art and animation. ┬áSeptember also heralded the move for me to C# from UnityScript, which was an excellent decision.

There’s a few projects on the go, I’ll try and get a small one out the door this year, and a bigger one next year.