Update 105 – Bug fixes, and bug fixes.

Loads of good changes going into Forgotten Ball, and a lot of bug fixes.

One main issue of note is this progression blocker:

In this instance it was possible for this button to break in that it could be hidden, or miles down. This was caused by the user rapid quitting after hitting the surrounding red cubes. This is fixed.

Two unlockable balls were not responsive to collection – this has been fixed.

One button in the game became hidden for a user; this highlighted a greater issue and is fixed across game.

Geometry ‘holes’ or missing polygons were found in a few sections of game, these have been fixed.

The collapsing animation at the beginning of the game was skippable (with skill) which was not intended, and broke the game.

Two areas where a player was not reset upon falling out of world have also been fixed.

Purple unlock boxes have been replaced by yellow ones.

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